Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Work It Wednesday: Fun Flock © by Stampendous

Hello out there!
Steph here, from A Paper Buffet, and this is my first Work it Wednesday feature, so thanks for joining me!
I'm having a blast being a part of the DT for The Character Cafe, and I hope you're enjoying all the June images.

Today is you're lucky day, because you will get a sneak peek at one of the July images and have a chance to win two! yes, not one, but TWO Character Cafe images!

I'm going to keep the writing to a minimum because I've got lots of pictures for you, but I'll be showing you how to use a Stampendous product called Fun Flock©.

Fun Flock © is basically tiny little fibres, that when glued to your product add dimension and texture. They're perfect for animals, or clothing images because they make everything, well, furry!

So here we go!

First off, pick your image. Here's your first peek at a July Character Cafe release, Ziggy the Bee. I've printed her out in a few different sizes (the added benefit of digi stamps) until I decided which one was the best size for my project.

I coloured Ziggy with my watercolour pencils and decided to use Berry Pink Fun Flock © for the flowers. Truth be told, I thought I had black Fun Flock© and was going to use it for Ziggy's body, but after a very long work day, I came home to work on my project and tore my workshop apart. I guess I only thought I bought black Fun Flock©. Oh well.

Now it's always a good idea to colour the image before you flock it, unless you're using white. Fun Flock© is easily layered, but you don't want white specks of paper to peek through. I coloured the flowers with a pink watercolour pencil crayon to match the Fun Flock ©.

Here's what the container of Fun Flock © looks like so you can pick it up at your local craft store. Here are the glue pens that I use mostly for my flock and glitter projects, however, I have used standard white glue for when I'm layering lots of flock- I have a lamb stamp that I like to be really furry, so I use white glue for him.

Apply your glue to the image or part of the image that you would like to flock. You should have enough glue so you can see it on the image.

I use tweezers to grab some flock and then use the side of the tweezers to smoosh (yes, that's a technical term) the flock into the glue. Remember you can layer the flock if you want so, so don't worry if you don't get the amount of coverage you want on the first try. I wanted to show some of the detail on the petal, so I only used one layer.

Finish decorating your image. I flocked both the flowers, added some gold glitter to the centre of the flowers and added some white glitter to Ziggy's wing and flight path to spice it up a bit. I outlined all the images in a very light blue watercolour.

My next step is to seal the image. I've found that sealing anything I put glitter or flock on just keeps it much more neat the tidy; that way stray flock doesn't rub off, or end up all in the envelope of the card. I use an acrylic sealer I bought at Michaels years ago for another project (a decoupaged table top...but that's a whole 'nother tutorial)

Finish your card

Now for the challenge!

Add texture to your card somehow, if you've got some Fun Flock © take it out and start flocking! Glitter or the latest craze Flower Soft would be great for this challenge as well. Pick your favourite sketch, (for example, Mojo Monday, like I used here) and upload your card to SCS or leave us a comment here on the blog for your entry. When uploading to SCS, use the keyword "TCCWIW3" so that we can all look at them together.

The winner will be randomly selected and win TWO Character Cafe images of MY choice. I have chosen: Precious Emmy and Rainy Day Sophie from the April/May 09 releases. Both of these images would be great to show off your colouring skills.

The Challenge will run until next Wednesday (July 22nd) when our next DT member will host a new WIW and challenge.

This Friday make sure to visit the DT blogs for some sneak peeks at July releases and get ready for another blog hop with a FREEBIE and another discount coupon AND another giveaway!

Happy Wednesday!
Ciao for now,


  1. Great job, Steph!!! I've had fun flock for 3 or 4 months now and have only opened it...never used it. This is the week! ;o)

  2. This is a great tutorial Steph. But not something I have in. I have looked at it so many times in our local craft store. Maybe I will just have to get some. Thanks for your hard work. hugs Shelley

  3. Love it Steph, awesome work! Ziggy Bee looks fantastic even without the black fun flock LOL

  4. Hi Steph, Great Job on your tutorial!!
    I don't have fun flock but I did use some on loan from a little shop here in Delaware called
    "Kendra's Kraft Room". ( Hee Hee ) Yes, Kendra was very nice to lend me some for a challenge I entered using Syd Nutty with a flowered paper. I used the fun flock on the flowers as well. Great Job on your card Ziggy looks fabulous!!

  5. Your Tutorial turned out totally wonderful on this Steph!!! I love all the pictures and your directions were great and the Card turned out so so pretty and perfect!!!


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  7. Oops... erased it by accident... here it is again

    Great tutorial. I have had Fun Flock for years and never used it until recently. I like to use it on Owls. It makes their tummy look so cute. I decided to use Flower Soft for this challenge as it is lots of fun to use also. Thanks for this opportunity.

  8. Great blog hop, really enjoyed the DT's projects and your tutorial is fantastic Hugs Julie x