Friday, October 30, 2009

Feature Friday Challenge #4

Hello Everyone!!!
I {Piali} am super excited to be your Host for this week's Feature Friday challenge. Halloween is around the corner, I'm sure you all Have made a lot of halloween cards and this week's challenge is
No its not a Halloween card challenge but its a fun recipe challenge....
You have to use PAPERS ONLY FROM HALLOWEEN PAPER PACK AND GLITTERS to make a non-halloween card.
Sounds fun..isn't it??? We all have lot of halloween scraps ...this will be a great way to use them..
My fabulous DT sisters have whipped up some great cards with me for inspiration...

Be sure to check out the rest of the design team's wonderful work too...

When you are uploading your card into SCS, PCP or other stamping community, please be sure to use TCCFF4 for this challenge. Thanks for playing along with this week's Feature Friday!

This weeks' winner will receive the Pilgrim Petra & Turkey Tom image pack as well as Harvest Pumpkins pack, a winner's button for your blog, AND a coupon for 15% off at The Character Cafe store!
Can't wait to see your creation..
Thanks for stopping by..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Winner TCCFF#3 - Colour Challenge

Hey bloggers! I hope this post finds you and you loved ones well... however, it seems everywhere I look people are sick! Kinda scary stuff these days huh? Well, we haven't seemed to avoid the sickies in our houses either, although we're managing and thankful for that!

Well, we didn't have very many participants in the challenge this week, which is a bit of a drag, however, we're glad for the participants we did have, thank you both.

The winner of this weeks' challenge is Queen La Rubba with this card...

Congrats Rachael! You have won Christmas Scamp, Christmas Eve, a winners badge for your blog and a 15% off Discount Coupon for The Character Cafe digi store!
If you haven't heard from us soon, and you see this post, please send us an e-mail and we'll get you your goodies :)

So, we've added additional incentive for you...

If you manage to incorporate Tek Tuesday into your challenge entry, we will automatically send you a FREE digi from the store for your efforts... cool huh?! Be sure to check out this weeks' exploding box tutorial by Meredith and give it a try! Would make a great Christmas gift (and you get a freebie for doing it too!!!).

Well, that's it for now, be sure to check back soon for this weeks' Witches Brew of a challenge... it's sure to be tantalizing *insert cackle here*!

Happy crafting,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tek Tuesday - Photo / Inspiration Explosion Box!!

Hello Everyone!!

Welcome to another Tek Tuesday at TCC!!

I've ALWAYS wanted to make one of these Photo / Inspiration Boxes but was always too chicken to try it!! Or maybe too lazy to figure it out? Maybe a combo of both? =) In any case I have overcome my fear and have done one to show you!!!

There are quite a bit of steps but it is SO SUPER easy!! And it would make an AMAZINGLY meaningful gift to someone.

Ok here we go!!!

Materials Needed:
  • 4 sheets of solid 12"x12" cardstock (one for the lid and 3 for the box which encompasses all panels)
  • as many coordinating designer papers that you'd like to use
  • coordinating embellishments and ribbon and/or photos
  • bone folder
  • paper trimmer
  • adhesive
  • trimmer with scoring blade or a scoring matte
Box and Interior of Photo / Inspiration Explosion Box

Cardstock Sheet 1 (L1)- 12"x12" - this will be the outside of your box as well as your first layer - score 4" on each side and trim out the 4 corner panelsCardstock Sheet 2 (L2) - Trim your cardstock down to 11 1/2" x 11 1/2". This will be your second layer in the box - score 4" on each side and trim out the 4 corner panels.
Cardstock Sheet 3 (L3) - Trim your cardstock down to 11"x11". This will be your third and final layer in the box - score 4" on each side and trim out the 4 corner panels.
Fold and score on each scored line.
At this point you will have 3 decorating panels. L3 will fit inside L2. L2 will fit inside L1 which is your final layer the outside of which is the outside of your box.

I chose to decorate my panels first before adhering them together in the center. I think that each can be decorated as it's own separate entity or all tying in together but either way you want to work with one layer at a time.
I also chose to decorate both sides of each panel. That way you have twice the surface area to play with and have fun!!
The panels measure as follows:

L1 - Panels all measure at 4". Depending on how you want to decorate the interior, you could start by going down incrementally by 1/4 " or more depending on the look you want. The same goes for all layers.

- Panels all measure at 3 1/2" x 4".

L3 - Panels all measure at 3" x 4".

Once all panels have been decorated you will now start with L3. Put a strong adhesive on the bottom of the center panel, I used "red liner" tape and press it firmly into the center of L2. Repeat this process when putting L2 and L1 together.
If you pick the box up now you will be able to fold all 4 sides upwards and your box will be formed!! Now all we need is a lid!!

Top of Photo Inspiration / Explosion Box

You should have one last piece of solid 12x12 cardstock left.

  • Trim this down to 6 1/8" x 6 1/8"
  • Score 1" on each side
  • Trim off triangle on corners where score lines meet
  • Fold lid on score lines
  • "Pinch" the corners inward
  • Using adhesive adhere the corners together. Hold overnight with binder or bulldog clips.
  • Decorate top and sides of lid
You can also decorate the outside of the box as well. If you were to do that I'd do it when the layers were separated on the opposite side of L1.

I've chosen to "alter" an elastic headband (I buy them in packages of 6 at CVS) and wear them when I run) to use as a mechanism to secure the box a little more when people pick it up to look at it. This isn't at all necessary because the top holds it all together nicely but the band gives it a bit more sturdiness if you think it's going to be handled a lot.

I took the band and slipped it around the exterior of the box. I pinched the extra fabric in my fingers not that it was so tight that it now bent the paper but just snug enough to hold it. I put a stick pin into the fabric and slid it off the box. I ran the section that I had pinned through my sewing machine and then snipped off the excess. Where the seam showed I added this cutie little button detail with my hot glue gun.

I chose to use CUTIE PATOOTIE Blossom to decorate the lid!! I fell in love with her the minute I laid eyes on her!!! I colored her with a combination of my Copics and colored pencil. I added a cute rhinestone detail to her adorable dress and totally glittered up her hair!! I'd totally wear my hair that way AND that color!! So stinkin' cute!!
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!! If you have ANY questions don't hesitate to leave them in the comment section and I'll check back to answer them!!


**I had to research how to do this before writing/photographing this tutorial. I found my information HERE. I used this tutorial to come up with my own interpretation and explaination but I used her measurements. I just wanted to give credit where credit was due! =)

P.S. Don't forget to play along with our Feature Friday Challenge #3, you only have until Thursday night at 10pm EST to get in on the action!!! This week is a colour challenge... maybe you could use the tut to make the box and incorporate the colours and voila!!! Anyone who does will receive a free image of their choice just because :) Happy crafting! Kendra

Friday, October 23, 2009

Feature Friday Challenge #3

Happy Friday Everyone!!! I (Rachel) am so Excited to be your host for this week's Feature Friday Challenge here at The Character Cafe. So what is the Challenge you ask? It's a...


The colors i used here are Tulip, Creme Brulee, Juniper, (Ctmh) and pink. If you have these colors Great!! if not, use anything you have close to these colors. Remember, it's all about FUN here!! My fabulous DT sisters who are working with me this week have made some wonderful cards to inspire you:

For more inspiration, be sure to visit the rest of the design team's wonderful creations:








Please be sure when you are uploading your card into SCS, PCP, or other stamping community that you use TCCFF3 for this challenge. Thanks for playing along with this week's Feature Friday!!

This weeks' winner will receive Scamp, Christmas Eve and a Discount Coupon for 15% off your entire purchase at The Character Cafe Store! Can't wait to see your creations...

Rachel :o)

P.S. The winner post for last weeks' challenge, can be found HERE

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Winner TCCFF#2 - Sketch

Hello bloggers! If you are not participating in our challenges then my question to you is "What are you waiting for?!"... if you craft (which I'm thinking you do) then, you have everything to gain from playing along with us and absolutely nothing to lose!

We've been providing you with a ton of inspiration lately (thanks to our beyond fabulous Design Team!) as well as a Tek Tuesday post which gives you step by step instructions on some tektacular projects, so work with us, play with us and HAVE FUN with us will ya?!

Our winner this week is Sassy who created this CUTE little card!!!!

Sassy, you have won both the Stewie Snowman set as well as the Christmas Eve Set AND on top of that, you will receive a Discount Coupon for 15% off your entire purchase at The Character Cafe Digi Shop!!!! Give us a shout and we'll also get you a winner badge for your blog :)

Be sure to check this weeks' Feature Friday Challenge with Rachel (posting set for midnight)... can't wait to see your creations!!!

Happy crafting,

Monday, October 19, 2009

Simple Pop Up Card Tutorial

The materials you will need for this tutorial are -
2 pieces of backing paper, 2 images, scissors, double sided tape, 1 card stock,
colour your images, the one I have used came from The Character Cafe

Cut a layer one piece of backing paper and one image for the front of the card.
and the second image how you would like it for the inside of the card.

Then cut the second sheet of backing paper to fit slightly smaller than the whole card,
then fold in half, (similar to adding a insert)

With it folded, and along the folded edge, draw a box like shown below,
this can be done anywhere and as wide or narrow as you want it for your image,
and also you can do more than one as long as you have the room.

Then cut just the straight sides only, from where the fold is,
Do not cut across the line at the top or the whole thing will fall out.

The push it through so it shows up like the photo's above and below.

Put your double sided tape where you can see it on this photo,
and do this on both sides that will stick to the inside of the card,
making sure you have the flap pushed up on the inside.

stick one side at a time into your card, making the fold of the backing paper go into the fold of the card, (again just like adding a insert but sticking it all the way round one side at a time)
Then do same with the other side,

Then when opened you should have a little step showing like below,
which is where I use my tape to stick my image onto the side not the top of the step.

This is what the front looks like when finished,

And this is what the opened card looks like inside.
You can be elaborate or as plain as you like.

Please pop back next week to see another tutorial, and don't forget our challenges,
Thanks for stopping by
x X x