Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tek Tuesday - Penny Slider Card Tutorial

Welcome to the very first Tek Tuesday post, where we intend to bring you a new Tutorial/Technique or template created by us or found around blogville each week (of course we'll be using TCC images!)... you know you have a list of "things to try/do", well so do we and we thought why not have a compilation of those ideas in one general spot for reference, so that's what we're doing. Each week, we will post here on the blog, but afterwards, you will also be able to find a copy of the posting at The Character Cafe store for future reference.

If you have a tutorial/technique or template that you would like us to share/use or add to the list, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll "add it to the list"!!!

Without further ado....

Hello Everyone, My Name is Angie aka lilacanglia, and I am proud to do the first of the Tutorials
here on the Character Cafe.
For this first tutorial I am showing how to make a penny slider card,

The supplies you will need are -
1 Small Image for slider
2 x one pence coins (approx size 2mm for those not in UK)
1 sheet of A4 card made into an A5 card
3d foam tape or pads,
1 circle (or make your own) foam pad,
1 sheet of A5 card
Craft Knife.

I printed off the trick or treat digi image freebie from The Character Cafe blog hop this weekend (still open for freebie draws & 30% discount good until Friday!)
and stuck it to my A5 piece of card.
Turn it over, and using a ruler and pencil, draw an oblong, approx 1/2" in depth, and as long as you want it
as you can see from the above photo. Then cut it out using your craft knife or whatever you feel comfortable with,
Then it should look like the photo below.
Get your two coins and put your round 3d pad in the center and stick the two together. Put this in the slot you have made, by angling it and moving the card about so both sides of the coins sit on the top and bottom of the slot.

Should end up looking like the photo above and below, the coins should be able to roll up and down the slot freely now.
Now add your 3d foam tape or pads like shown in the photo below.
Take off the backing tape and stick to your card, then stick on your small image.

Here is the finished result.
Tilt the card and your penny should roll back and forth.
I used a small trick or treat bag for mine to go along with the cheeky ghost image.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, which I have also posted on my blog handmade by lilacanglia
and that you come back next week to see Meredith's tutorial.



  1. Hi Angie, Great idea, I had no idea what a penny slider card was...very cool. And it looks so easy to make. Welcome aboard The Character Cafe..."Tek Team".

  2. Great idea Angie! I am going to have to try this one soon! Thanks!

  3. awesome tutorial!!! i hope i can measure up during next week's Tek Tuesday ;)

  4. Great tutorial, Angie! I have yet to try this technique so maybe now is the time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. cute design. i want to make using an a4 card.