Monday, October 19, 2009

Simple Pop Up Card Tutorial

The materials you will need for this tutorial are -
2 pieces of backing paper, 2 images, scissors, double sided tape, 1 card stock,
colour your images, the one I have used came from The Character Cafe

Cut a layer one piece of backing paper and one image for the front of the card.
and the second image how you would like it for the inside of the card.

Then cut the second sheet of backing paper to fit slightly smaller than the whole card,
then fold in half, (similar to adding a insert)

With it folded, and along the folded edge, draw a box like shown below,
this can be done anywhere and as wide or narrow as you want it for your image,
and also you can do more than one as long as you have the room.

Then cut just the straight sides only, from where the fold is,
Do not cut across the line at the top or the whole thing will fall out.

The push it through so it shows up like the photo's above and below.

Put your double sided tape where you can see it on this photo,
and do this on both sides that will stick to the inside of the card,
making sure you have the flap pushed up on the inside.

stick one side at a time into your card, making the fold of the backing paper go into the fold of the card, (again just like adding a insert but sticking it all the way round one side at a time)
Then do same with the other side,

Then when opened you should have a little step showing like below,
which is where I use my tape to stick my image onto the side not the top of the step.

This is what the front looks like when finished,

And this is what the opened card looks like inside.
You can be elaborate or as plain as you like.

Please pop back next week to see another tutorial, and don't forget our challenges,
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  1. Great tutorial Angie! I am going to have to try this one soon!

  2. Awesome Tutorial Angie!! Great card. I am also going to have to give this one a try!!

  3. Super cute!!! Great tutorial!!! So fun and it has SO many uses!!

    Thanks so much!!!!


  4. Awesome!!! I've been wanting to learn how to do a pop-up card. THANKS!!!

  5. Great tutorial Angie!
    I wasn't even sure what these were called, it looks so easy...can't wait to try it.