Thursday, July 15, 2010

Feature Friday Challenge #25 – Rectangle

Hey bloggers,

Kelly and I are filling in this week… Queenie has had to take a leave from our team for a bit, but hopefully, we’ll see her back here sometime?!

This weeks’ challenge is to create a Rectangular card.  Simple enough, however, Kelly and I didn’t do it the way the challenge was set out (I mean, Kelly didn’t… LOL) and well, we didn’t have time to re-do our card, so we’re going to share it anyway!

The actual measurements for your card should be 8.5” x 4" according to the details set our by our fearless DT Coordinator, Fink!!!  Well, our card is rectangular???

Here it is…

fredrik-cufredrik Gotta love the glass effects look huh?

And, attempting to also do up a rectangular card is Lola, with this creation…


Margie did up this Bon Voyage creation…


And our Ancient one, Sara did up this cutie for us…


Deanette came up with this creation…


So it looks as though we didn’t quite manage to get this right… (well, most of us).  I’d love for you to show us up and actually create this rectangle card the way Fink meant it to be :)   I have faith that you all will do just fine too!!!

The prize this week is Thief Gerrard and Argh Matey, a $5 Gift Certificate for The Cafe Store as well as a winners blog badge.

Also, if you’re just joining us, you can also find us on Facebook, CDAC, AiFactory and 50/50 group, so if you’re at any of these, look us up!!!

Happy crafting,

Kendra (& Kelly)


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  1. I hate when you miss the deadline by minutes so I'm adding Gram's Treasures Card to the lineup! It's too cute to not be added...