Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Time for Feature Friday's Challenge - This week make a 3 Piece gifts set that contains 3-D items in it!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

I am so excited this week it was my turn to pick the Feature Friday Challenge with The Character Cafe Design Team!!!!  We only get to do this once in our 6 month term so hope I do a good job on it!!!

Every Friday we have Feature Fridays and each week one of the DT girls issues the challenge to half the team, the other half the team head out to Blog/Stamp land and find a challenge to play in!!!  How fun right???  So Kendra and Kelly issued me a 3-D challenge and I choose to make it a 3 Piece Gift Set with at least one of the items being 3-D, they could all be 3-D or just one of them, but one of the 3 pieces had to be 3-D.

So this week on the Challenge Team for my Challenge we have these girls playing along:
Angie...Deanne...Diane...Piali...Rachel....Heather (Me)

This set of girls headed out to Blog/Stamp world and found a challenge of their own they have posts up to though so don't forget to go to their blogs and check them out as well!!!
Billie...Sara...Annamarie "Lola"...Sheri ..."Fink"

So Here are the Creations from our Lovely DT members:


Deanne's Set is just to adorable I do not know where to begin I love this image Christmas Scamp is so adorable don't you think???  I also adore Deanne's orniment she gave us a tutorial earlier this week she just totally rocks these orniments out!!!!  Seriously love how she transformed that tin (is it a prima flower tin I wonder I have 2 just like it only not near as cute as this one decorated up!!!!


I adore Piali's use of all that Glitter and the Nesties shape throughout the projects and the bright colors Way to Go!!!!


Seriously is this not the coolest gift for those pre-teen or teen age girls what girl would not adore getting somthing like this as a gift???  Rachel you can send this one to Kansas I love it!!!


Diane totally rocked this challenge!!!!  I do not think she could have been any more creative if she tried check out those two tins and all the things she put in them all I can say is WOW!!!!!!


I love Angies use of color and I think this is an awesome Birthday set you need one of these around the house handy for those last minute invitations or parties!!!

Heather (That's Me)

I decided to make a 3 piece gift set based on the card I did for last weeks new release Blog Hop using my Santa's List Image and my Christmas Ali Image.   I also took some inspiration off of what my neighbor and I have been doing all week preparing for a Craft Show at the Hospital I used to work for and we made 15 Dozen Home Made (100 times better than store bought) Chocolate Covered Cherries, 10 dozen Orange Cream Patties, and the best Pepermint Bark I have ever had!!  So my Basket is one of the Baskets we made to sell at the Craft Show it has 6 Chocolate Covered Cherries and 4 Orange Cream Patties in it.  I have not decided what I want to put in the Tote/Treat Box I made, and the Card is just like the card I made for last weeks Blog Hop Have you been Naughty or Nice Card.

I forgot to take a picture of all 3 items together but I got the two treat holders and my card seperately

Below are the stages of how I made the Larger Treat Box

Take a solid 12 x 12 piece of Card Stock and score it at 4" and 8" on all four sides The score the corners diagonally then take the patterned paper and create this pattern Top picture inside of box bottom picture outside of box.

Add eyelets to each triangle piece of PP and then take 24" of twine, ribbon, or twill and run it through the eyelets and tie a bow and you have your treat box so cool hungh???

View from Above

Side View

Front View Santa was on the other side

Here is my Basket we put the Cherries and Pepermint Paties in to sell at the Craft Fair I cut out all the material to make 19 of these I think I finished assembling 9 of them today!!!

Side View

Top view so you can see the cherries

Several of the Baskets with Cherries and Orange Cream Patties in them.  For some reason Teal and Tourqouise Card Stock never photographs well.  the Teal Baskets are a really rich royal teal color here they look really muted!!!!

Chocolate Covered Cherries packaged in 3's no Basket.
I think it is so cool that without knowing anything about each others projects we all went with way different images and way different projects I love these girls the talent on this team is just simply AMAZING!!!!

Now how could you not want to paly along in the challenge this week?????  Best part when you are done with the challenge you have a gift set for a friend or a birthday what can be better than that right???

If you play along please enter a link to your creation in Mr. Linky below.

 Prizes this week to the winner of the challenge is:

The prize is  2 images (of your choice), 15% off discount in The Character Cafe Store, and the winner will get a winners badge for their blog (as well as their card will be showcased!)

I can not wait to see what you come up with!!!  Hope to see you play along this week and have a very, very, Stampendous Friday Everyone!!!!

I will be at a Craft Fair from 6am to 5pm and I still have things to finish off and it is almost midnight so I am thinking I might get to sleep from about 2am to 5am!!!!  Uuugggghhh!!!!  Thanks to all those years on Night Shift at the Hospital working in nursing I can handle that but I am finding the older I get the harder it is to do it!!!!



  1. Wow... You all have blown me away today! I love them all and the fact that all your projects are completely different.. FANTASTIC job :)

  2. All of these are amazing. I hope to get time today to check out all the blogs for more detailed info. Just in time for Christmas!

  3. i'm totally SPEECHLESS! these are tremendously AMAZING!!! =)

  4. Holy Cow Ladies!! Great idea for the challenge to be a 3 piece gift set Heather. You gals really out did yourself...again this week!!