Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tek Tuesday - Gel Card!

Good morning everyone!!! Welcome to another fabulous TEK TUESDAY!!!

Today's tutorial blows my mind...and I say that NOT because I am bringing it to you but because the genius ladies over at PTI came up with this. It's SOOOOOOOOO cool and SOOOOOOOO easy!!! And it has a BIG WOW effect!!!

We will be making a GEL CARD today!!

It's great for the image/tag plus it can be used as a nifty gift card or cash holder if you wanted to give those as a gift!!

The first thing I did was print out the template. I then cut my paper at the measured amounts:

Vertically at 10.75"
Horizontally at 6"

I then scored vertically at 5" then at 8" leaving you with 3 sections measuring 5", 3" and 2.75".

You will then score in 1" on each side and trim the 1" pieces on both sides of the 5" section and the 2.5 " section. Leaving the 1" side tabs on either side of the 3" section. (these will be your tabs that will hold your pocket in place later.

I then chose my image and my DP. I chose PAX the ridiculously adorable Penguin to work with. But definitely hop on over to the shop and see what images you could use for this technique!!!
I then scored on all lines making sure that every line was nice and crisp.
I added my DP and then folded the 2 smaller sections together and punched a 1 3/4" hole through both pieces at the same time. That way they match up perfectly. This will serve as your "window".

The next part is adding the "gel". A tiny Ziploc bag such as the kind the extra button comes in when you buy a sweater or the ones you can buy at beading stores, etc are the best for this project but I didn't have one available so I used a small gift bag and trimmed it down. You only need a VERY SMALL amount of gel - approximately a teaspoon or so (otherwise it's too puffy) in the bag. Seal the bag - as you see here I've used double sided liner tape to close my bag. We don't want any gel leaking out!!! =)

You want to add liner tape along the insides of the circular window, as well as on the tabs that were the ones left after you trimmed the rest out. These will wrap around at the end.
Once your liner tape is in place you can adhere your gel pack to the inside of the card.
You then want to fold up the front of the "pocket" and adhere.
You will then flip your card over, fold the front piece (with the gel) up and wrap the tabs around the back of the card adhering them.

As you see I originally stuck my DP on the incorrect side of the card but I'll probably adorn the tabs so it looks like it was intentional!! =) But you see how you then adhere the tabs to the back. This will now create your pocket on the front!
Here it is once the gel pocket is complete!!!
I then measured my "tag" that would be inserted into the card with my image. This measures at 3.5" x 4.75". I chose to round the edges of the corner. But you don't have to depending on your design.
I tested it to make sure it fit properly before adorning it with Pax.
I then set to coloring Pax!!! I had to resize him down a bit so he fit properly (one of the BEST things about DIGI stamps! I used my Copics to color him and my glue pen and Dazzling Diamonds glitter to sparkle up his belly and feathers on the tippy top of his head. I then stitched him to the "tag" with white thread using a zig zag stitch. I used my SU! slot punch to create a proper hole in the top of my tag and PTI perfect match ribbon with the Swiss dots to complete my tag!!
I then slid the tag into the pocket behind the gel pocket!!!
So now our adorable Pax looks like he's underwater!!

Like I said, you could easily slip a gift card, a check or cash in behind the tag as an added gift!!

I would really like to thank the ladies at PTI for this AWESOME tutorial.

As ALWAYS, please feel free to leave a comment here if you have ANY questions regarding this tutorial!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing and creative Tuesday!!!



  1. OMG Meredith!!! I love this... so cool and neat and just wow... perfect way to display Pax :) Great job (oh how the list grows!!!) LOL

  2. Wow Meredith!!! This is awesome...I have to try this one..I never made a gel card before..Its just perfect for Pax..love it.

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  5. What a phenominal tutorial! I would love to use it but would feel like I am copy cating!

  6. This is so super cool! You make it look too easy.

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