Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tek Tuesday - 3x3 Note Card Tote

Hi Everyone!!

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Welcome to another fabulous Tek-Tuesday!!! I have to tell you...I LOVE researching for these projects!!! I find THE coolest things to bring to you!! This week we're going to create a 3x3 Note Card tote. It would make a GREAT gift (SO EASY TO MAKE!!) for a teacher, neighbor, co-worker, anyone really!!!
I've started with a pic of the basic supplies necessary. One piece of cardstock (or 2 if you prefer a solid tote) and one piece of DP. I chose to have Designer Paper as my tote base but you could easily use the same color cardstock or choose another solid color. That is entirely up to you!!

You'll also need a the following:
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • trimmer
  • scoring blade
  • 1/16" punch or piercing tool
  • 2 brads of any kind
  • whatever image you'd like to use
And I promise....it's EASY!!! And making 3"X3" note cards just COULDN'T be any simpler!! =)
Here I've cut my tote base at 7 1/2" x 3 1/4". (I'm just showing you both sides of my tote base with the DP)
I then cut what will become my tote sides (where the handle will attach) at 8 1/2" x 2 1/4".
I then take my card base - the designer paper piece and SCORE 3 1/4" from either end.
So your card base will now look like this:
I then worked on the tote handle. This is cut at 8" x 1". If you wanted to use a decorative border punch for the sides of the handle then cut this at 8" x 1 1/4" to give yourself a little extra room. I simply wanted to distress and sew my handle so I cut it a tad smaller.
I distressed the edges lightly and using chocolate brown thread, zig zag stitched the entire perimeter of the handle. It looks pretty and adds extra stability.
I used a textured, champagne colored cardstock.
The next step is to score the sides of the tote which is the orange piece of cardstock referenced above at 8 1/2" x 2 1/4". You will score this at the following measurements:

1 5/8", 2 5/8" then at
5 7/8" and 6 7/8" (yes I had to mark this on my trimmer because I'm TERRIBLE with measurements!!!)
Here is what your finished tote sides will look like.
The next step is to find the center of each 1" section on your scored cardstock and measure 1/2" down and make a mark where you will then...
punch the 1/16" or piercing tool through.
Add adhesive as shown (I'd definitely use something like red-liner or sticky-strip)
You then want to peel off the backing of the sticky strip and wrap your tote sides (the orange paper) around the base (the designer paper).
You'll end up with this.
Now attach the handle with any brads you like.
One side...
Then the other...and VOILA!!! We have a tote!!!

Now...you don't HAVE to use 3x3 notecards in here...you could fill it with a favorite tea, small candies, a gift card, the possibilities are endless!!
So cute, right??
Now decorate!!! I kept mine very simple in terms of decor because I love this fall paper and really wanted it to stand out. But the second I decided to do this project I knew I wanted to use Timid Tulip. I've ALWAYS loved this image.
Here are some basic 3" x 3" notecards that I made to go with this ensemble.
I colored her with my Copics and gold paint pen, trimmed her out and added her to the chocolate ribbon that I tied around my tote. She is just TOO cute!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today!!! Please don't hesitate to leave any questions in the comment section about how to make this and I'll be happy to answer!!

I hope everyone has a great holiday week if you're celebrating!!!


p.s. My research for this project came from an SCS tutorial by Regina Andari. (thank you!)


  1. Awesome tut!!!! Great job! I love it!

  2. This is rockin'! Nice tutorial

  3. Oh Meredith! I see soooo many possibilities with this little tote :) It looks so easy too, I love it and can't wait to test it out soon... I see some teacher gifts (he he)

  4. What a cute little tote, you make it look so easy...this would be great for Valentine's Day
    or teacher gifts for Christmas. Fab tutorial Meredith!!